How to Check Apple Support Coverage & Service Options for Your Mac?


Having a hardware problem on your Apple devices? Not sure if your Mac is still in warranty? How to know if you can get repair coverage and support from Apple? Well, if your Mac has a potential hardware issue, you should first find out whether the your AppleCare coverage is still active, after all, you don’t need to pay for the hardware repair on condition that the device still qualifies for Apple support. This post will show you how to check the support coverage & service options.

The macOS and modern versions of Mac OS X come with a built-in option to identify if your product is still in warranty. You can follow the steps below to check it out.

To start with, (1) head to the Apple icon on the top-left Menu bar, and select ‘About This Mac’ from the drop-down menu. Then (2) click the ‘Service’ tab in the About This Mac window, and then click on the ‘Check my service and support coverage status’ link. You will be prompted that Apple requires your serial number to determine your Mac’s support eligibility, so (3) click on Allow button in the pop-up dialog.

As long as you click on Allow, your default browser will launch automatically and navigate to the Check Coverage page. You don’t need to type your serial number, but you are asked to (4) enter the CAPTCHA code displayed on the page to prove you are not a bot. Then (5) click Continue button below, and the page will subsequently outline the details of your Mac, including the exact model designation and year, purchase date information, and the status of your support options.

Also, you can directly visit the Check Coverage page through any web browser or computer, manually enter your serial number as well as the CAPTCH code and click Continue to find out the details of your other Apple products. If the support options are all expired, you will pay for any hardware issue that may arise on your device.

Whether your support option is expired or not, anytime you need any technical help for your problematic Mac, you can contact Apple Support for assistance. Meanwhile, you can use Apple Diagnostics to troubleshoot your hardware issues.

For those who have certain knowledge and skills on computer, they can try to fix the problems on Macs by carrying out several regular troubleshooting methods. When I tried to troubleshoot a specific Mac issue, one of the solutions in this post helps solve my issue, so I decide to past the page link here for your reference.

Simple tips to repair error code 924 for your Mac


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